How to access the online documentation of version 7


We are still using v7.11 of LVGL, but from we can only find docs of master branch. How can we access the online documentation of older versions?


Hi @jhonyi,

There is a dropdown box in the top left corner of the page where you can select your chosen version under the logo. If for some reason your browser is not showing the box here is a direct link…

Hope that helps.



Click the dropdown menu to select your version:

As others have mentioned, you can use the dropdown in the top-left, however JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser for this to work.

Hi, @fvanroie @embeddedt @pete-pjb
Thank you guys all. My favorite web browser (Firefox) doesn’t show me the dropdown box, that’s the problem.

Sorry for not getting back to this sooner. I’ve just checked it in Firefox 94 and it seems to display the dropdown for me. I use uBlock Origin. Do you use a different adblocker or some other type of extension that may be blocking it?

I have just checked that I did not activated any Ad blocker. I have just find that neither did the dropdown box show in Chrome, Edge, 360 broswer (which is mainly used in mainland China) , actualy none. Then I realized that maybe the problem is that I’m behind the GFW :cry: . Then I tried to access the docs in a virtual machine through VPN,it showed.

Hmm… interesting. Are you able to access this page without the VPN? Maybe it blocks everything from… without that page loading it will not have the list of versions to display, even if the script itself loads.

Can’t access it as you expected.