How many controls can be placed in a list

I added a lot of buttons to Lvgl’s list, but I found that once the number of buttons exceeded 3000, all of them disappeared. All buttons can be displayed only when the number of buttons is less than 3000. How can I solve this problem?
At first, only 600 controls can be displayed_ In conf. h, I will int16_ t lv_ coord_ T is changed to int32_ t lv_ coord_ Three thousand can be displayed after t, but still can’t meet my needs

  • The following is the error
    |e[1;31mno mem !!!e[0mWarn: Couldn’t allocate memory |(lv_mem.c #199 lv_mem_alloc())|
    |Warn: Couldn’t allocate memory |(lv_mem.c #306 lv_mem_realloc())|
    |Error: _lv_mem_buf_get |(lv_mem.c #511 _lv_mem_buf_get())|
    |Error: Out of memory, can’t allocate a new buffer (increase your LV_MEM_SIZE/heap size) (0x00000000) |(lv_debug.c #127 lv_debug_log_error())|