How hard would it be to create an immediate mode wrapper for LVGL?

LVGL is lightweight and beautiful… seems to me like it could be really nice to wrap it in an immediate mode gui wrapper. Though it’d likely require some significant changes to the functions calling it, seems like the core engine would probably work very nicely when called as an immediate mode library.


Thanks for the nice-looking library!


Thank you! :heart_eyes:

It really seems doable but could you tell what advantages do you see of an immediate mode GUI library?

IMO in the normal way (I don’t know what is the opposite of immediate mode. :smiley: ) a lot of complicated stuff can be hidden from the user:

  • complex layouts
  • animations
  • scrolling
  • widget states, etc

The main advantage I see for IMGUI is the simpler API (but it’s because a lot of things are passed to the user).