How does lv_i18n work?

Hi all,
I am an electronic engineer. I am doing a project in eclipse which using lvgl library. I wanna do a software which can swtich in several languages(ITALIANO and ENGLISH) and I am thinking about to use the lv_i18n. Can I? Can I set all label text with lv_i18n ?
Another question I downloaded an I put in my project. I create the following .mk:

MSRCS += $(shell find -L $(LVGL_DIR)/$(LVGL_DIR_NAME)/lv_i18n/src -name *.c -exec basename {} \ ; )

CSRCS += lv_i18n.c
DEPPATH += --dep-path $(LVGL_DIR)/$(LVGL_DIR_NAME)/lv_i18n
VPATH += :$(LVGL_DIR)/$(LVGL_DIR_NAME)/lv_i18n
CFLAGS += “-I$(LVGL_DIR)/$(LVGL_DIR_NAME)/lv_i18n”

But when I compile this error occures:
/home/ciccio90l.c:32: undefined reference to lv_i18n_language_pack' /home/ciccio90:32: undefined reference to lv_i18n_language_pack’
Commons_Model/commons_model.c:32: undefined reference to lv_i18n_init' .c:35: undefined reference to lv_i18n_set_locale’


Let me know please.
Thanks in advance
Francesco Pugliese


Try adding an #error "test" to lv_i18n.c to see if the file is really built.

Thanks fo fast reply,
this is the result of build
make: *** No rule to make target ‘lv_i18n.o’, needed by
How can I resolve?
Let me know
Francesco Pugliese