How do I change V6 styles to V7?

Hello, is there a tutorial to convert V6 styles to V7? any help will be appreciated.


Did you study the style part in V7 documentation?
It’s well explained.

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You can also try my lv_style_compat module that enables you to continue using 6.x styles in 7.0+, at the cost of memory usage.

It is well explained if you are starting from scratch. It does not explain how to convert V6 to V7 styles.

In V6 it was well explained too. It said to use lv_style_copy(&style, &lv_style_plain);
Were is lv_style_plain plain in V7? What can I copy as a starting point?

Because the a screen shot of V6 and V7 are nothing alike.

These styles no longer exist in V7. The V7 style system does not require you to copy any styles as a starting point. Styles now override each other, so there is no need to copy a base one.

There are several examples in this part of the documentation about how to create and use a new style - I’d suggest looking at those to get started.