How can we make edges of bar sharp & not rounded in lvgl 8.0

I want to create bar with sharp edges & not rounded or curved end edges. Is it possible in lvgl 8.0. Please let me know which API can be used to get desired outcome.

@kisvegabor can you please help in this?

Sure it’s possible. Check out the radius style property: Style properties — LVGL documentation

Use the function lv_obj_set_style().

I zoomed into the image in GIMP:

It seems there is “glow” around the indicator, so I’m not sure what the goal is:

  • add the glow?
  • remove the glow?
  • remove the radius?

@kisvegabor @Tinus its not about the glow. Its seems like that because I have cropped the image.
I just want the edges to be sharp & not curved like arc. I have marked with red colour In the shared image. Please have a look into it. Hope you understand my issue. I tried this API lv_obj_set_style(). But not understanding on what basis to fill the value in it in form of argument

lv_obj_set_style_radius(slider, 0, LV_PART_MAIN); should do the job.