Hobby Gaggia Temperature Controller and automation

This is just for hobby so bare with me:

First some technical stuff:

  • Framework Arduino
  • Build tool PlatformIO
  • Uses LVGL from platformIO
  • Uses a patched (very little changes) of lvgl_port_esp32 with SPI from lvgl
  • Builds de UI for desktop aswell as embedded (see native directory)
  • Uses fuzzy logic instead of PID…for fun…
  • ‘Scriptable’ with a super simple script language


Code needs to be cleaned up still. Not yet tested on the Gaggia but well tested on my test stand.

I like programming, this is just hobby and I didn’t see a version yet of a gaggia controller with a fancy screen :slight_smile: like teh way I want it…

What does it do?
Will keep the gaggia better on temperature and allows pre-infusion. Apart from that it will show brew time and allows to create different recipes for your brews, including different temperature profiles.

Love to hear some comments or questions!

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Look nice! :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

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Very good, thanks for sharing.
Please do not forget to share the schematic diagram.

Yes, I will absolutely do that, I am just tying up some things… cleaning up some code and make it ready.
It’s our only coffee machine so I need to make sure it will work :slight_smile:

Schematic added on the github repository.

I think I should just go ahead and make a PCB while I am at it… I am a first time kicad user so I hope it looks good enough…

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