Hidde button in button matrix


I’d like to build a simple keypad so the matrix button seem to be most useful than set each button.

How can I hidde some buttons please ?
This code doesn’t work :

btnmap = ["1", "2", "3", "\n",
          "4", "5", "6", "\n",
          "7", "8", "9", "\n",
          "h", "0", "h", ""]

btnm.set_btn_ctrl(9, lv.LV_BTNM_CTRL_HIDDEN)
btnm.set_btn_ctrl(11, lv.LV_BTNM_CTRL_HIDDEN)

It’s work if I use btnm.set_btn_ctrl(11, 0x0008) but I think that’s not the best way (sorry I’m a noob) so what’s the best way please ?


Hi @matthgyver !

Use lv.btnmatrix.CTRL.HIDDEN instead of lv.LV_BTNM_CTRL_HIDDEN.

Here is an online example.

Thank yo amigron :slightly_smiling_face: