Help regarding processing Camera frames on stm32 with lvgl

Hello, I am making an opensource digital camera which uses lvgl v7, currently in very early stage. I am having an issue trying to process camera frames with DCMI, I am using OV9655 camera (stm32f4dis-cam) with stm32f764g-disc board, using the already available lvgl port.
Although without initializing lvgl everything works fine, but as per my understanding, when I try to setup and get frame interrupt, then create a lv_img_dsc_t obj with the frame data, and then pass it to lv_img_set_src and then call lv_obj_invalidate. But I can only see no data on the img obj.
I observed by debugging that for some reason I am not getting dcmi frame interrupt, because it got disabled for some reasons when using lvgl which is not expected.
I will appreciate any here on this project, here is the code repo:
Thank you.

@kisvegabor @embeddedt any suggestions, please? :worried:

Be sure lv_img_dsc_t is static because only a pointer will be saved in the image widget.

For interrupt, unfortunately I have no idea. :frowning:

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the board and camera hw, I will try when I got the chance. :cry: