Guide to port LVGL

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I’ve been eye balling the LVGL code for last couple of days and it seems to be making some sense now however i am now trying to port it to Arduino Due (32 bit controller) but I’m not sure where to start. I went through the paid LVGL course videos however the “Chip setup” section only talks about downloading the github code without going into much detail. Is there any document out there which explains this process in more detail?


Can you give more details about what lcd you plan on using?

The display I am working with is a 3.95" ST7796S (similar to ILI9488) Display Driver and a SPI touch controller. There’s a wiki page for this display (Ref_1) which provides drivers as well as GUI library however I’ve only been able to make it work on 8-bit Mega2560. The software package contains x2 driver libraries (one for 8/16 bit display and other for touch controller) and x1 GUI library.

I need a starting point as to how I can use the LCDWIKI_KBV and LCDWIKI_TOUCH libraries as reference to write a driver library compatible with LVGL and can work on Arduino Due which is a 32 bit controller.

Standard way of writing firmware/driver is to refer to the datasheet of the device and start writing code from scratch. If you have some guide/tutorial on that using LVGL, that too will help. My goal is not just to have this display working with Due but also learn some best practices of writing hardware drivers from more experienced ppl in this forum.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Here 16bit parallel 8080 for ILI9486 driver.

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