GUI Guider V1.3.1 available now

The NXP team is pleased to announce GUI Guider 1.3.1 is now available for free use on desktop systems and NXP MCU targets at the NXP website: .

Version 1.3.1 has many new enhancements for usability:

  • GUI auto scaling, so you can map your designs onto different screen sizes more easily
  • Easier project setup, with improved target and example selection
  • Group widgets move
  • Container copy

We’ve also been hard at work to optimize performance both in development and end application performance:

  • Easy to use compiler optimization option for GCC/ MCUXpresso IDE targets that will help to get 4x or higher performance versus the default no optimization settings in previous versions.
  • Big improvements in simulator and hardware target build times.
  • Memory usage views to help judge memory needs for your design

Plus we’ve added some more goodies for your designs:

  • Camera preview application on i.MX RT1170
  • Animated analog and digital clocks
  • 10 additional free fonts are included, all with the very flexible SIL license for free use

We’ve also added i.MX RT1024, LPC55S16 and LPC55S28 as targets supported out of the box.

Take GUI Guider for a test drive and give us any feedback, here or at the NXP GUI Guider community space