GUI Guider V1.2.1 is now available on

We are pleased to announce GUI Guider 1.2.1 is now available for free use on NXP targets at the NXP website: This release of GUI Guider supports LVGL 7.10.1, and includes project creation for MCUXpresso IDE and IAR 9.10.2.

Since our latest announcement the new 1.2.x releases added support for several devices (i.MX RT1010, i.MX RT1015, i.MX RT1020, i.MX RT1160, LPC54S018JxM and LPC55S69). For those less familiar with NXP MCUs and looking for lower cost solutions, this includes several entry-level parts.

We have also added several new features such as LVGL built-in themes, widget search, custom font sizes, events for list buttons along with various bug fixes. Full details can be found in the Release notes

Please take GUI Guider for a test drive and give us any feedback, here or at the NXP GUI Guider community space