GUI Guider 1.5.1 is out now!

GUI Guider 1.5.1 is out now!

In this version, you can design your application much easier way by adding further features. User experience was significantly improved also as stability and performance. Checkout major updates:

  • Multiple instances of GUI Guider
  • Moving widgets between screens
  • 24-bit color depth for i.MX RT1170
  • New demos included
  • and much more

Try it on your own at GUI Guider | NXP Semiconductors



It looks good.
Is it going to be compatible with non NXP mcus?

Hi @tyeth

It is licensed for NXP devices only so compatibility is limited only to these.


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Hi, i would like to ask to clarify more your answer because iā€™m currently evaluating the possibility to use GUI guider vs Squareline Studio for my esp32 based projects (also with esp components etc. to manage various tft at various sizes).
In my future projects i will need to design also large interfaces, generate code, and put that to work with any esp32 microcontroller.

Do you have any tips on that? also, do you know some advantages or disadvantages on using GUI Guider vs Squareline Studio? Thank you in advance for your time.