GUI Guider 1.3.0 available now, includes MacOS support and Micropython

We are pleased to announce GUI Guider 1.3.0 is now available for free use on desktop systems and NXP MCU targets at the NXP website: .

Now MacOS users can also enjoy the benefits of the tool, joining those on Windows and Linux. Also, developers who want to work in Micropython can output code directly from the tool and/or run simulations with the push of a button.

This release of GUI Guider supports both LVGL 7.10.1 and 8.0.2, includes project creation for MCUXpresso IDE and IAR 9.10.2 and also adds support for Keil development tools (version 5.35). (Note that we will be supporting later versions of LVGL 8.x but do have to follow a little after these releases to allow for testing by our developers.)

We have also added a 3d graphics animation and drag-drop tile design widget support. Full details can be found in the Release notes

As always, we encourage you to take GUI Guider for a test drive and give us any feedback, here or at the NXP GUI Guider community space


great to see these key features support on NXP MCU platforms!

java is not recognized as an internal or external command, executable program or batch file…and java is installed and path set on win10 (when try compile)

The message often indicates the PATH is not set properly, please try to add the java bin path in PATH of System variables, instead of User variables.

JAVA_HOME are already set in Administrator and System (all work fine with Android, Idf_expressif tools etc.) now i add also in PATH in Administrator variables and work

Amazing news, thanks for sharing!