Group indev create blue and red border around object in group

What do you want to achieve?

Dont use this borders

What have you tried so far?

No group screen ok.

lv_group_add_obj(g1, ui_Screen3_Roller1);
lv_group_set_editing(g1, true);

red border
second line commented blue border

How disable this borders ???

LVGL 8.2.0


  lv_obj_remove_style(ui_Screen3_Roller1, NULL, LV_STATE_FOCUS_KEY);
  lv_obj_remove_style(ui_Screen3_Roller1, NULL, LV_STATE_EDITED);

lv_group_set_editing(g1, true);

go back to false if i use touchscreen. Howto prevent (force) this ?
g1 is assigned into encoder indev.
I can rerun this command , but this is not effective…

lv_group_focus_freeze(g1, true);