GM510 4G module GUI design

An interface to learn while doing in July 2020.Applied to GM510 4G module.

Demo video:【LVGL】这样的LVGL界面你喜欢吗?

  1. Main interface, support horizontal screen sliding, a total of two pages

  1. GM510 module network card AT command configuration

  2. Dial and query contacts by phone

  3. TCP/UDP server link, send/receive server messages

  4. GM510 AT command input test

  5. 1 Set the main interface and switch all themes

6.2 Support three wallpaper switching

6.3 Support file management (copy, paste, delete, rename, create, search)

6.4 Support time configuration

6.5 About information

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Looks great and complex!

Have you considered updating to v8?