Glyph Additions

What do you mean by “font editing”?

Creating new fonts, point sizes, adding removing glyphs from existing or new fonts.

My main questions are around marrying lv_font_t to the free type face variables

I will check as soon as I get a chance, but that might not be today.

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I am doing a pull right now, Ill report back on that in 5-10 minutes.

I am also likely going to make the font editor a stand alone tool as well as part of the GUI Editor

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Symbols are there :smiley:

I suppose the letters too. :slight_smile:

See for yourself smarty pants :slight_smile:

Great, thank, look good :slight_smile:

Let’s see if it works for @embeddedt too.

I tested with the latest dev-6.1 branch and the fonts are working for me again.

Great! It’d be better to know what was the problem, but at least its working now :slight_smile: