Gif file makes us overflow the memory of the esp32, is there a better method than gif?

Hello all,

we use Squareline Studio and lvgl. If the CO2 value is too high, I would like to have a popup displayed that I should open the window. The whole thing works quite well so far, however I also wanted to include an animation so that it stands out more. Unfortunately, there are exactly problems, because I get no Gif what is smaller than 200kb generated and that makes the esp32-s3 very often crash.
Do you have a better idea how to make this more resource efficient?
this is a short video how the animation looks like:

I asked chatgpt what it suggest:

  1. does not lead to the desired effect
  2. we have already tried but due to the popup and other background processes we don’t have much computing power left, if so we would have to make this annimation very resource efficient, but so far I haven’t succeeded.
  3. No idea how to do this