Getting to the very bottom of a list

I’m scrolling a list (of buttons) using the command lv_list_down(ResultsList);
All works beautifully until i get to the bottom of my list where as this screenshot shows i only get the top half of my last button (and half of the top button too).

Using lv_list_down(ResultsList); doesn’t get me any lower down the list…

I suspect this is to do with my styling? I have:
ListButtonRel.body.padding.left = 10;
ListButtonRel.body.padding.right = 4; = 9;
ListButtonRel.body.padding.bottom = -19;

If i adjust the bottom padding to 0 then i see the list scrolls to include the text of the last button but not the lower half of the button, like this…

Is there a way to align text in list buttons without using padding?

If the bottom padding is 0, there will be no padding below the button (because that’s what you set). So the behavior in the second screenshot is correct (I think).

Negative padding will make the button seem smaller to the list and it won’t show it properly.

I think padding is not the solution you are looking for. What exactly are you trying to do with the text on the buttons?

I want the text on the button vertically centered (as in the first screenshot) but when i scroll the list to see the complete button for the last item on the list…

You should put equal padding on the top and bottom of the button. Don’t put negative padding on the button because that makes it get cut off.

As @embeddedt said using the the same top and bottom padding should position the text to the center.