Getting Startet with LVGL and ESP32 on esp-idf

Hi all,

is there anyone who could help and upload a simple and working example (Edgeline & VS Code projects) for a ESP32 (esp-idf)?
lv_port_esp32 example is working great on a touch display, but I’m stucking with the implementation of the exported c-code.


Do you use PlatformIO in VSCode?
What mistake are you encountering exactly?

Tried it with platformio and raw esp-idf in VsCode without success. Examples are running on both platforms, but if i call the (edited) exported files i’m getting lots of include and type errors.
A short example with some buttons (VsCode & Edgeline) or sliders would be great!!

Which LVGL versions are you using? Edgeline 0.3 still uses LVGL 7.

I use LVGL 7 and esp-idf 4.3

For #include errors, I copied the lvgl src folder and pasted it into the project src folder, alongside the main, and renamed it from “src” to “lvgl”, so when the exported files call #include “lvgl/lvgl.h” find the correct files.

Thanks Davide!
Got it running :slight_smile:
There was also “user_data” disabled.

Great! Were you having trouble with user_data too?
Could you tell me how you solved it? I have the same problem.

I had troubles with the generated edgeline file.
To solve it, just select “Add a ‘user_data’ to drivers and objects.” in menuconfig.

I had tried this solution, but to no avail. Could you please attach your config file for me to test?