Getting started


While not a programmer, I do not originate, I do hack other’s usable code to do what I want.

I am using a Arduino Giga with display. LVGL 9.1

I need a ON/OFF button tied to a event on the Giga.
I need a text box for RPM output from the Giga.

Where do I start?

Thanks for the help, very much needed and appreciated.


I have found some examples using lv_examples.h.

There is a button example.

I do I load lv_examples.h into the Arduino IDE?

Sorry How do I load lv_examples.h into the Arduino IDE?

You have to install it via library manager :wink:

Thank you, but what do I instal? Do you have a link to the .zip file?

I have loaded the LVGL 9.1 but the lv_examples.h is not there.

Possible I have to go back to a older version?


I went back to LVGL 8.4 and then 7.3 but still not found!

I found lv_examples.h here:

But there is no file download.