Getting started with version 7


Getting started with version 7. I assume I am missing something on how to get it up and running

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

simulator - eclipse on windows

What do you want to achieve?

try out the new features of version 7

What have you tried so far?

  1. I have cloned the repo at and
  2. followed the instructions on (using mingw)
  3. I got the simulator working
  4. switched branches to version dev-7.0
  5. got the app to compile
  6. copied some code from the version 7 docs to see how the new styles work
  7. compiler does not recognize the new style syntex

Code to reproduce

code snitppet found at

Screenshot and/or video

Try running git submodule update --init. Git, for reasons beyond me, requires you to manually update submodules whenever switching branches.

Thanks @embeddedt that got me one step further.
Do you know how I might resolve these…?

You have to go into the project build settings and remove these libraries, as they’re not available in MinGW by default (alternatively, you could install them, but I’m not sure what the exact steps are to do that).

If you’re not sure how to do that, you can try the Visual Studio or CodeBlocks projects instead. They’re built purely for Windows, so they don’t include these libraries.

thanks @embeddedt
Visual studio doesn’t seem to have a version 7 branch. I’ll give CodeBlocks a try

@embeddedt Codeblocks works a treat.:partying_face:
Thanks for your help

I had the same problem before, because I once gave up using dev-7.I just found a solution.
First, delete the unused library, and then manually import the missing files in the LV driver \ index directory in the project.keyboard,mouse,mousewheel.
Then there will be no errors. Remember to add the DLL file of SDL.:grinning:

Thank you for your reminding. Finally, i can use eclipse to simulate dev-7.:smile:

I’ve just removed the use of the freetype and png from the Eclipse project.

Thanks @kisvegabor. Its working for me now

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