Get paid for contributing to LVGL!

Hi guys,

I have some great news!

LVGL has an Open collective account. It wasn’t advertised much but we already collected some money there. From now on I’ll pay more attention to properly highlight the sponsorship opportunity and with @embeddedt we figured out a great way to spend the donations.

We will mark some issues with “Sponsored” label and if someone implements or fixes those issues he or she gets payment from the accumulated donations. You can learn more about it here.

To get started I’ve chosen the Writing unit tests for core widgets issue. I’ve already marked it as “Sponsored” and added some details to the first post.

If you are interested in supporting LVGL check out our Open collective site.

If you are interested in implementing unit tests and get paid, drop a line in its issue.

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Hi Gabor,

I’m glad to hear that this option finally was implemented. I’ll read in more detail the unit test folder and to try to make some. Also, I would like to say thank you for this great library.

Best regards

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