Garbled screen with lv_port_stm32f769_disco and lv_demo_widgets() demo

I’ve a STM32F769 Discovery board and trying to run the lv_port_stm32f769_disco demo with lv_demo_widgets(). The program compile and downloaded to the board ok but the screen is garbled.


Then I try to change the demo to:

// lv_demo_widgets();

The lv_demo_printer() looks ok:

Any reason why lv_demo_widgets() not working and lv_demo_printer() work ?

I’ve using version v7.3.0

That’s odd. There was already another report today of lv_demo_widgets not working on ST boards. I have no idea why one works and the other doesn’t. I’ll try it myself and see what happens.

What happens if instead of running a demo, you just create a label/button/some object on the screen? Does it work fine?

The demo is working fine for me (albeit on a different ST board). I’m not sure what changed in the project - the most recent commit was in July, and that only tweaked display clock initialization. The garbled screen suggests that the framebuffer address is being set incorrectly, but I don’t know why this would have changed.

I’ve created button and label. They are working ok.

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For me, both are working fine.
Well… after switching lvgl to latest dev, lv_demo_widgets(); make lvgl run out of memory.
@skpang change in lv_conf.h the following
#define LV_MEM_SIZE (32U * 2048U)

Change the memory size to #define LV_MEM_SIZE (32U * 2048U) fixed it !!

I think I need to enable the log output to see the debug msg.

Thanks for your help.

@skpang, you’re welcome.
Definitelly enable the debug option, since you’re working on it.
Have fun! :smiley: