Galdeano a CAS graphic calculator with micropython and LVGL

I want to share my project, it is a graphic calculator, implemented with an esp32 microcontroller, a custom PCB, and an ili9341 display (resistive touch sensor).
Hope you enjoy this project as much as I.

More info, photos, and a full description.


Wow! It’s unbelievable! Congratulations!

If you don’t mind I’ll include the video in LVGL’s monthly newsletter. :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem to share the video, as I told you I want to share the project.

That is fantastic. Also if you are interested in better graphics check this out:

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It looks so great. I spend a lot of time in the bottoms, tried to print in two colors, … and a lot of other options but nothing works. So I went to the sticky paper. But this looks far greater!!!
Thanks for sharing it.