Functional project template optimized for Sunton's 7-inch ESP32 S3 8048S070 screen LVGL 9 - LovyanGFX- PlatformIO

Functional project template optimized for Sunton’s 7-inch ESP32 S3 8048S070 screen.

Objective: - correctly deploy LVGL 9 on this display with the latest version of LovyanGFX
- Using audio output to play sounds while browsing
- access to eeprom memory for recovery of parameters at startup
- optimal integration of the FreeRTOS library (the best possible version)
- real-time communication and synchronization method for exchange of data and commands between the screen and a second esp32 card (it will also in principle have FreeRTOS).

We now want to develop on the VS Code IDE with PlatformIO.

I am used to arduino but very new to vs code and platformIO, also new to lvgl and freertos. I am counting on your expertise and your advice and support in this project.