ftDuino32 for twatch-2020 adapt

Bonjour ,
I wish adapt ftDuino32 for twatch-2020 remote control and devellop.
the issue is lv_micropython firmware has no st7789 driver build_in.
So I try to adapt ‘software’ driver st7789.py to ftDuino but it’s not easy.

who can help me or give me links.

[ i’am waiting ESP32 with PSRAM for test with my ili9488 but it’s an other project]
Thanks for help and Regards

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I think that @uraich attempted to use Micropython+LVGL on twatch-2020.

I’m not sure how the st7789 driver was registered, though.

Yes, I was running lvgl V7 on the t-watch and there is still a repository twatch-2020-micropyhon on my github site. It contained everything you needed:
st7789 driver and touch panel driver and a basic ttgo library.
It is based on https://github.com/OPHoperHPO/lilygo-ttgo-twatch-2020-micropython
However, this was done before micropython switched to the new build system and I did not have the time to upgrade it yet.
Since I am working the python examples for lvgl V8, I prefer to finish this work first and then provide a lv_micropython version for the twatch with lvgl v8 built in.
There is also a very short description on

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