FT81X GPU drawing

Hello, I am trying to use the Eve ft81x GPU’s to draw in LVGL V9 without using the lv_draw_sw and draw buffer, instead using the commands of the GPU itself through Spi.

The progress:
-Rects with radius and opa.
there are still some bugs to fix…

I continue working to add images and fonts.:grimacing:

I’m not sure if it’s appropriate not to use the draw buffer and I don’t know if it’s the goal of lvgl.


It’s very nice!

In LVGL v9 we rework how “draw units” (i.e. render engines) can be added to LVGL. In v9 it will be much simpler an cleaner to add FT81X too. So it’d be amazing to add into LVGL, but please let’s wait a little bit with it :slight_smile:

Hi Gabor :grimacing:!

thank you very much. let’s wait for the new updates