FT81x driver port to Arduino environment


I have a FT815 based 7" display and would like to drive it with LVGL running on an ESP32.
There is already an lv_port_esp32 which includes drivers for this BridgeTek chipset, however this driver is ESP-IDF based. I’m coding in Arduino environment running on PlatformIO.
The LVGL Arduino example uses common display drivers e.g. eSPI which doesn’t support FT81x chipsets.
I tried to merge bits of code from both parts but was unable to get rid of all compilation errors because disp_spi.c is written for FreeRTOS and it is too much for my skills to port it to Arduino.
How can I continue further? Shall I ask for a LVGL FT81x driver port to Arduino in Feature Requests?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

ESP32 Dev Board

What do you want to achieve?

Run LVGL on ESP32 using PlatformIO - Arduino to drive a FT81x display

Hi, have you ever figured this out?