From 5.3 to 6.0

I am currently porting my application from version 5.3 to version 6.0.
It looks great, especially the new fonts.
There is only one point: in 5.3 I used the body.empty field of style. What is the equivalent in 6.0 to have transparent background for a button in a message box?


It’s body.opa=LV_OPA_COVER

Thanks Gabor, it works!
Another problem, it seems that I don’t have the accented characters like in “La lecture est terminée”. Instead, I get “La lecture est termine”.
My source file is UTF-8 encoded and I have LV_TEXT_ENC defined to LV_TXT_ENC_UTF8.
I am using LittlevGL 2.0 library and STM32 Arduino core with a Nucleo-F429ZI card.

Please open a new topic for it to keep the forum clear.

I don’t suppose there is a guide or list of changes between 5.3 and 6? I am in the process of upgrading our project and finding loads of differences.

Did you look at the release notes?

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I didn’t see this. perfect thank you.