Free and Open Source EEZ Studio

Hello everyone. We would like to share with you our free and open source cross-platform EEZ Studio. It is a visual “drag & drop” tool for creating desktop and embedded GUIs. Several types of projects are supported, including of course LVGL, which is why we decided to present it here.

EEZ Studio was created for the needs of quick creation of GUI and remote control for our open hardware projects (H24005 and BB3) as well as for test and measurement automation, so it can be used as an open source alternative for commercial solutions such as NI LabVIEW and similar.
EEZ Studio also enables flowchart-type visual programming (EEZ Flow), so that in addition to GUI design, it is also possible to create very complex program logic.

For more information, we invite you to visit our website, and feel free to download EEZ Studio, which has over 40 templates and examples of simple projects in which various functionalities are used and you can try them immediately thanks to the simulator.

You can join our Discord for support. The project is actively developing, so your feedback and comments are more than welcome.