Forum software changed?


Today, I see frequent “this tab has crashed” in firefox when I open some threads in this forum. This happens for about 50% of the threads.

Here are some of the threads which are crashing for me:

I have not seen such crashes before.

Anybody else seeing this?

Maybe something changed in the forum software?


Thanks for the report. I haven’t updated the Forum in the last few months and see the crash neither in Chrome nor in Brave.

Anyone else sees issues?

No issues on Chrome (my usual browser) for me.

I also don’t see the crash in Firefox 87 or 88 (latest).

This is firefox-88.0 on ubuntu-18.04 (LTS).

I’ve not seen such crashes before. Restarted firefox and even rebooted, but still see those crashes.

I’m using the exact same OS and Firefox version, but I don’t experience it.