Forum moderator wanted

Hi guys,

I apologize that I cannot be as active on this forum as I would like. However, I was delighted to see that some members here are doing an outstanding job in assisting others. I truly appreciate your invaluable contributions! :pray:

I would be happy to grant moderator privileges to those who are interested in providing the same level of support in the near future.

Additionally, it would be amazing to have regular meetings with the moderators to exchange experiences, address common issues, or simply get to know each other better. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please let me know in the comments section.

Thank you very much in advance!

IDK if a person would ask if they can become a moderator. I think that people that help do so because they like to do it and they would not change that if they had moderator privileges or not. They probably would not ask because of that reason.

Being a moderator can have some advantages which just might feel good or make supporting others easier:

  • You can have the LVGL logo on your avatar (like on mine)
  • You will have permission to edit others posts, delete them, etc.
  • By having regular meetings you can shape the future of LVGL

We cannot provide a reasonable salary for it now, but we can acknowledge the work of these people by adding these privileges.

I’ve checked the list of user, sorted them by read time and these user were on the top:

If any of you would be interested in becoming an official moderator, just let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

read time??

Yes, it’s not perfect but correlates with how active someone is. From the pure number is hard to tell if someone asks or answers a lot of questions but I constantly see these guys helping others.

That’s for the last year.

Oh, I found only a different list in the Admin view where I couldn’t filter for time. Yours seems better!

I should definitely add you to the list as well! :blush:

I wasn’t looking to get added to the list. I didn’t know if that was what you were using. Funny that you didn’t even know that existed and you run the forum!!.. I’m joking, you probably forgot about it.I am sure there are people that do not know that page exists.

Question tho. what are you using to keep the spam bots at bay?? I have used cleantalk for many years and it just plain works. 99.9% of the bots are blocked and or stopped from registering. No Captcha or questions that have to be changed or anything like that. Add it to the forum software and away you go. I paid for the first year and after that I never had to pay anything. had it for 5 years. I would drop a link on occasion and get a couple months for free. There are other things that you can do to get months for free as well. I believe I had maybe 4 or 5 bots actually make it through only to post a single post and then cleantalk cut them off.

I’ll continue to help folks out without having to be a moderator. I do it because I enjoy how happy people get when they finally get their project running after they have been pulling their hair out trying to get it to work. That being said, the last thing on that list, " * By having regular meetings you can shape the future of LVGL" does peak my interest

Discourse (this forum engine) applies some countermeasures against spams and I only rarely see bots passing through. Do you see more issues?

Okay, it’s fine for me too. This moderator thing is only an opportunity.

Great! Now I’m reorganizing things around LVGL and I’l get back to you when I have something.

I don’t have time on LVGL now, my company project turns to another lib. Whatever, I like LVGL very much.

Okay, thank you for the feedback. Can you share here or in direct message why have chosen an other UI library? I’m just curious to better understand what the key decision making factors are for the companies, so that we can focus more on these.

There are 2 main points,

  1. LVGL doesn’t have enough GPU support.
  2. They think it not easy to get commercial technical support.

Is it public what kind of GPU have you missed?

LVGL doesn’t really directly support GPU’s I thought??.. It does support some accelerators but that hardly qualifies as a GPU. An MCU that has a full blown GPU is not really an MCU but more along the lines of an SOC and as such would have some form of an operating system installed that would have drivers made for the GPU.

I don’t have too much knowledge about the difference of MCU and SOC. Do you think TI AM3354 is a MCU or SOC? If the CPU, RAM, and FLASH are all put into one chip, means it is a MCU?
@kdschlosser , @kisvegabor

I use GPU as a synonym of “graphics accelerator” ranging from DMA with 2D support to Nvidia video cards.

I don’t know where the line is between MCU and SoC, but does it really matter? :slight_smile: