Font glyph/character extentions

I have read and have looked on the forum for an anwer to this question, but could not find one. Hence this post as what I need to achieve is not clear to me.
On V5.x, lv_font_add allowed appending characters to a paricular font.
Is there a way of doing the same thing on V6 ?

For example, I need the latin supplimental 0xb0 (degree character) on V5, I used the online font converter to create a range I called “font_dejavu_20_latin_sup_xa0_xbf”, then after calling
lv_font_add( &font_dejavu_20_latin_sup_xa0_xbf, &lv_font_dejavu_20 );
I was able to directly refer to “\xb0”.

As far as I can tell, it seems that I would need to regenerate and replace the internal fonts together with the additional character I need.

The question is there another option ?

That is the intended method in v6.0. Now there is only one font file with multiple ranges and font faces.

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