Font converter returns error "Codepoint delta out of range"


I have used the online font converter successfully in the past. But I just received an update to one of the font files which includes two new codepoints: E0020 and E0021. I am now getting an error trying to convert the font. The error message is “Codepoint delta out of range”

I am trying to convert symbols from two font files into one .c file.

I can convert the range from either font file independently with no error. But when I try to do both files I have no success.

My first font file is is a DroidSans_Mono.ttf file which has been modified to add the two codepoints listed above (E0020, E0021). The range that I provide to the converter is:


The second font file is FontAwesome5-Solid+Brands+Regular.woff. The range for this font is:


  • If I convert only the DroidSans_Mono.ttf file with the range listed above it converts without error

  • If I convert only the FontAwesome file with the range listed above it converts without error

  • If I try to combine both fonts but remove the range 0xE0020-0xE0021 it converts without error

Only when I combine both font files and include the range 0xE0020-0xE0021 do I get the codepoint delta error.

Is this an error in the font converter or am I doing something incorrect?

I just tested this and you are running into the same bug as I reported here.
You can try the offline utility or add an extra codepoint in between so the gap is smaller than 65353.

The problem should be fixed in the offline lv_font_conv utility v1.5.1 but it seems the online font converter is still using v1.5.0. I’ve requested an update…

The online converter is updated. Please try again…

Font conversion works properly now. Thank you.