Font converter - .adv_w

I am confused by the .adv_w field of the glyph descriptor. As I understand it, the value should be in pixels but the values generated are very large for number of pixels. What exactly is this field?

BTW I first tried the Font Converter on 6/29/19 and got a very different result. I was surprised to see that the output didn’t store the glyph bitmaps very efficiently, as was done in the older BDF file format (which I have been using for years and converting to C). I was very pleased on 7/2/19 when I used the new converter to see a more efficient storage!

@ERUSS LittlevGL 6.0 was released on June 30th, 2019. The newer version uses a completely rewritten font system which is more efficient.

adv_w is upscaled by 16. See lv_font/lv_font_fmt_txt.h.

The kern values are also upscaled therefore when the real required width is calculated (adv_w + kern_value) some rounding error can be eliminated.
See lv_font_fmt_txt.c.