Flash/RAM size required on SAMD21


I’m just getting started and wondering how much Flash and RAM I would need on a ARM cortex-M0+ processor (SAMD21G18A) for a small GUI with about 20 different screens each having about 15 basic elements like text boxes, buttons and a monochrome image. There will be 3 different monochrome fonts and a couple of monochrome images.

The processor has 256KB of flash and 32KB or RAM. 64KB of the flash is taken up by the bootloader also.

I’m just looking for a general idea if this is even feasible. The LCD is a ili9431 based and interfaced using SPI with DMA.

I had asked this question to the person who had done some work on the SAMD21 but I think they are no longer responding. If there is a better place to ask the question, please do let me know.

Thank you!

Hello, I am not quite sure about the size requirements for LVGL elements. But one thing that might take up a sizeable chunk of your RAM would be a framebuffer for the display (though this might be stored in external RAM or elsewhere!) and a graphics display buffer used by LVGL.
These will both be arrays of pixel data for your display.

See this page Features -See what LVGL can do for you | LVGL for (recommended) requirements. It seems you easily reach these but it might give you more of an indication of what is needed for LVGL.