Files for esp32 boards using micropython


I’ve been reading the docs but I can’t get my head around what program/library files to put on my ESP32 and where to put them.

I’m running a Pycom ESP32 which is already set up and is receiving data from other boards.
I have an ili9341 screen to display the data.
I have my,, lv_conf.h files and lib folder already in the root of the device.
I’ve set up a display using Edgeline and have exported some python code named (I don’t know what to do with this)

I have read I also need a file (I don’t understand where to put this or where to call this from) and a driver file. Anything else?
Can someone point me in the right direction where to go from here?

Any help is much appreciated thank you!

Hi @Campbell_Duncan !

First step is to build lv_micropython and to flash your device.

From your post it’s not clear whether you did that or not.

lv_conf.h and lib files are used to build the firmware, you don’t need them in the root of your device.

Where did you read this? is used internally when building the firmware to generate the binding code between LVGL and Micropython. You don’t need to put it anywhere.

Thanks very much.
I was way off base with how to use lvgl. (probably still am)
If I create a setup in Edgeline and export a python code, does that mean I don’t need to worry about the and the lv_conf.h?
If this is the case, do I rename the exported python file to lv_micropython?

Thanks again!


To run LVGL with Micropython you need special firmware.
Please build lv_micropython and flash it to your device.
Then you could use the Python files generated by Edgeline on your device.

Note that latest lv_micropython is aligned with LVGL v8 but Edgeline only supports v7 (as far as I know).
So you would either need to modify your Python files to match v8, or sync to release/v7 of lv_micropython.