File Explorer for LVGL

Hi all!

I have read that there is a file system driver in lvgl. As far as I’ve seen this is just for reading assets from SD card and we should provide some functions to port? First question if petit fat or fatfs from elm-chan are enough and able to meet lvgl porting functions requirements? And is there any example with those libraries?

Secondly is there any implementation like widget, component to explore files in the SD card or drive?

For example if I want to make music player or text reader does lvgl help me to explore files?


Anything that supports opening and reading files can be used with the LittlevGL filesystem. There are some example implementations here:

There isn’t a built-in widget to do this, however, I typically just use the list widget and add extra functionality via event handlers for things like deletion, etc.

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Hi embeddedt thanks a lot for the example this is what i need.

For the second issue it is not vital at the moment i will in that way as u said in case i need.


Hi, now we have file_explorer can meet your needs and is still trying to add more functions.

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