Example for setting up, ESP32, ESP-IDF

I’ve been trying to use LVGL in ESP-IDF for some time now, but even though I read the LVGL documentation and tried a few times, I couldn’t.
I don’t know if there is a base code with pre-configurations for me to take the first steps. I already use the Arduino IDE to run my project and everything works fine, but now I need to use ESP-IDF and I’m just getting more confused.
I would be grateful if anyone could help me at least show a “hello world” on the screen.

My board is a WT32-SC01, They have a 320x480 touch screen:

I believe that it could help other iniciants to take the first steps.

Check out my GitHub repository for a straightforward example of utilizing LVGL with ESP-IDF on a touchscreen equipped with a GT911. The project is easy to understand and navigate.