LVGL version 8.0.2

How can I track load screen with animation?

I’m tracking the button click.

lv_obj_add_event_cb(frame, my_event_cb, LV_EVENT_CLICKED, NULL);

I’m doing a screen change this way.

lv_scr_load_anim(frame2(), LV_SCR_LOAD_ANIM_MOVE_BOTTOM, 500, 0, true);

Is there an event to track the BEGIN/END of the animation?

@kisvegabor If I recall correctly, when I asked you about this recently (an animation completion callback), I think you said there was an event for this implemented or coming? Any info on that?

You also mentioned that the easing might be configurable instead of just linear motion.



These event are part of the latest master. See

Unfortunately we can’t add it without API break. As a workaround I suggest copy-pasting lv_scr_load_anim and adding an easing function parameter there.