ESP32S3 UI Design Using SquareLine Studio with LVGL For LA66 LoRaWAN Module
In this tutorial, SquareLine Studio is used to design a user interface that uses the data received over UART from LA66 LoRaWAN module and displays it on 1.9 inch T Display S3 development board with ESP32S3.

Using the designed interface, Wireless communication robustness test is conducted over two LA66 modules exchanging dummy data within an indoor environment.

The way of integrating the designed interface with LVGL library to an existing projected and how to let the system interact and exchange data with it are explained in details.

All tutorial materials are shared on my GitHub repository in the link below. … 66_lorawan


Great work again, thank you for sharing!

Hi, nice video and guide. I think, it can be helpful this article for you:

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