ESP32S3 THMI Board Interfacing RYUW122 UWB Module

In this tutorial, ESP32S3 micro-controller is used to interface RYUW122 UWB module from REYAX over UART with AT commands and a 2.8 Inch TFT display over I80 parallel interface and LVGL utilized for nicely looking user interface design.

In the used set up, 2 UWM module are used. One is configured as Acnchor and the other one is configured as Tag. the Anchor module reports communication distance when it receives packet from the other end TAG device over UART and the ESP32S3 processes the received packet and prints the distance information on the TFT screen.

RYUW122 UWB module packets are analyzed using logic analyzer to demonstrate the module and hosting MCU communication flow.

Squareline studio is used for nicely looking UI design that outputs LVGL library components to be integrated in the ESP32S3 firmware.
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