ESP32S3 LA66 LoRaWAN Module with LVGL TFT Interface

In this tutorial I am using LVGL library as system logger in this project. I have interfaced the module using ESP32S3 MCU. While 2 LA66 modules were exchanging pingpong messages over 868MHz LoRa band, The MCU is receiving the RF communication report over UART and printing the log messages on a 1.9 8bit TFT display. A simple user interface is designed using squareline software that uses LVGL library.

All tutorial materials are shared on my GitHub repository in the link below. … 66_lorawan


Thanks for sharing!
I’ve edited you comment to have preview image for the video.

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Thank you Admin !

I will be posting more in the future with even more interesting content :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, not all widgets exist in square line like LEDs and meters. Are the going to be added ?

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Yes, definitely! Now we are fixing some initial bugs of the new features of v1.1 but after that we are going to work on adding the missing widgets.

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