ESP32 with Ubuntu

Although it’s not exactly an LVGL related issue.

I would like to ask for help because there are a lot of amazing people here on this forum.

I decided to separate a computer just so I can program my beautiful HMIs with LVGL and Squareline.

And I would like to configure ESP-IDF in VSCODE.

But I’m having trouble getting the serial driver to work on Ubuntu.


Can anyone give me some guidance?

@nfoliveira-foli - Please Help

does you ESP32 have 2 USB ports on it? If it does try plugging into the other USB port. I had issues with drivers as well and I was tearing my hair out over it and I couldn’t get it to work. Then I looked at the thing and said… I wonder… plugged it in and it worked without any issue. Sometimes the most complicated problems are caused by the simplest thing that is usually overlooked.

Unfortunately my solution is not that simple.

My esp32 only has one USB port.

Ubuntu does all the work for you, do you have a serial device installed? Have you tested with a terminal? The problem can be in VS code configuration and not the driver itself.

I managed to make it work. And I tell you that it is wonderful to program with a Linux machine, everything is very fast and more efficient than Windows. I have three personal computers here.

I confess that not everyone has this possibility.

I don’t remember how I solved it, because there were many commands in several different places.

One more thing is a fact:

Each esp32 will have a USB x TTL converter and I need that driver installed. In him.

The driver that is ok here is CP2100x. This is a show! But there were others that didn’t work.

I promise to update the topic if I have difficulty in any others.

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My devices has a CP2104 ttl to usb converter and I didn’t need to install anything.