Esp32-s3 interface 4 inch tft display

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I am new to lvgl graphic middleware, based on the LVGL GitHub my 4-inch display ST7796 display driver is not supported by lvgl this mean that I need to write low-level interface programming and lvgl code on my own?

LVGL Github link:

Display link:

Touch controller IC: FT6336U
Display Driver: ST7796S

A quick check on google found me this:

but I am using the platform IO ESP-IDF framework, not Arduino ide.


you can use the search function on this forum to search for “ST7796”, there’s plenty of results so you are definitely not the first to try. This one seemed promising: Good st7796 driver

Look at WT32-SC01 Plus device:

There is a manual with schematics at the page.
The same ESP32-S3 + ST7796UI + FT6336U
Search any github projects for WT32-SC01 Plus, for example this one:

It has an enviroment [env:wt32-sc01-plus] in platformio.ini - your case.
Check correct pins for your display and your touch in main.cpp LGFX cfg.pin_… according to your schematics.

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Thank you for your resources.

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Give me some time to read through it.
Thank you for your support.