ESP32-S2 - What to expected?


What do you expected from the new ESP32-S2 in terms of graphics performance?

It is single core but it have an LCD interface, should it be able to drive the display from memory without cpu usage so the cpu can be used to draw the new frame buffer?


I think that ESP32 LittlevGL driver is not using the second core at all, so it would probably have about the same performance you get from LittlevGL today on ESP32.

Actually, you don’t need the second core to “drive the display from memory” - this is what DMA is for.

I thought the driver used one core to draw and other to send the data to the LCD. If it already use DMA that’s nice :slight_smile:

So we should expected some increased performance because of the higher clock only.

I do not expect a real use-case for makers for this chip. It is designed for commercial secure applications (efuse write once memory for security keys). Only one core and SAME clock speed! So wifi has to share the same core as the application with the same problems again) like the ESP8266.

I`m afraid that we will see more commercial products we are unable to hack into because they will be encrypted using the security features. Good for end users but not so good if you what to flash your own firmware.

LCD interface is nice but comes with a cost (less memory 320kB instead of 520KB) Wonder if the rest of the SRAM is reserved as a frame buffer) and what is the 128kB of ROM good for? No BT og USB OTG sounds good but really nessesary?

Hoped for an evolution of the ESP32 and not a different design approach. The S2 is more an ESP32 light for me.