Esp32-s2-pico waveshare cannot compile LVGL micro python

I am using micropython for a while for pico devices and now I trying to use lvgl micropython on ESP32-S2-PICO device.
However, whenever I try to compile it for ESP32-S2 it is not working, throwing all kinds of errors(the most persistent ones are regarding ADC13, not 12bit, and VSPI and HSPI).
For ESP32 all is working and compile procedure is really straightforward, however, S2 and S3 are impossible to compile.
What I am doing wrong.
I can clearly see all there boards in the /port/eps32 but I cannot compile them.
I kindly ask for any kind of guidance and help.

Hi @banebrcic ,

You are not doing anything wrong - these ports are not yet officially supported.