ESP32 Need a lvgl 8.0.0 Arduino example

Does someone know a working example for the ESP32 and ILI9341. The example in the git is crashing, in my case

Did you make sure that your physical SPI connections correspond to the declarations in the ili9341 driver?

I am using Arduino framework but it build with PlatformIO with esp32 and ILI9341.

This is what I am using :

I have configured lvgl/[email protected] but I am prety sure that latest should work, if not do let me know and I will fix that.

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Thank you Check it out tomorrow

rtv I think espgaggia is not a lvgl project

Here is where I create the UI:

Here is how I interface with the UI:
And specially this line: is the interface how I handle callbacks from the UI into the main code

I did had to make my own copy of the drivers:

because I had issues with the default driver and a lot of missing macro’s, I will check if that is fixed by now…

Or perhaps I mis-understand your question about a working example of Arduino + ESP32 + ILI9341.

Thank you for your fantastic work, but that is way to complex I look for a simple Arduino ESP32 Project what I 'm able to extent. Thank you anyway

Check this post out an simple working example maybe it helps you.

ILI9341 should be auto detected by LovyanGFX library. Read the readme on the repo and use the below sample

Device : WT32-SC01
Display / Touch Drivers : LovyanGFX
Widgets : LVGL 8.x


Arduino => WT32-SC01 + LVGL8 + LOVYANGFX

hey sorry to jump on this topic but how could I integrate the output of squareline with LovyanGFX in a code like the one you posted? I cant get TFT_eSPI to work :frowning:

Hi @eried
What is the problem with TFT_eSPI?
Please have a look at this detailed tutorial.

This is using PlatformIO with Arduino Framework.

Some more example videos.

Thanks for the videos. I found a solution using: GitHub - FCam1/SC01_Plus_HMI_example: Arduino example using SquareLine Studio to make an HMI with an SC01_plus capacitive display.

The problem was basically that there was no Arduino template for SC01 Plus

Now it is great!

Here is the simple snippet if you need to start with using LovyanGFX and WT32-SC01 Plus