Esp32 + ili9341/ili9488


I have a project (arduino framework) to run official lvgl examples with ESP32 and ILI9341 (320x240px) or ILI9488 (480x320px) display.

The project is on my github here: ESP32-MMB-LVGL/official-demos at master · ZioTester/ESP32-MMB-LVGL · GitHub

With the configuration on platformio.ini, i can select the demo to run and i can switch the display (ILI9341 or ILI9488) by the pio environments.

This is working but at really slow FPS on ILI9488. The demo benchmark run at 30fps on ILI9341 and only 3fps on ILI9488. I’m using TFT_eSPI as display driver. I also tried to modify setting in src/lv_conf.h with no results.

Anyone can help me?